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International Children's Art festival "Nazustrich mriyi" (Follow Your Dream) is held annually from 2007!
In the festival may participate talented children of socially - unprotected categories (children's homes, boarding schools, orphans, one parent deprived of parental care, children from large, low-income, single-parent families and children with special needs).

All socially unprotected children (from children's homes or orphanages, state boarding schools, orphans, children deprived of any type of parental care, children from large, underpriviledged or single-parent families and children with special needs) are welcome to become part of the festival family.
Participation is free. Competitive categories: "vocals", "choreography", "original genre", "author's/artist’s project/work"
Only children of school age (between the ages of 6 to 17 years old) who belong to socially unprotected categories are entitled to enroll into festival contests.
Number of participants from a single institution cannot exceed 10 children + 1 accompanying person!
The procedure for the selection of contestants is as follows: to participate in the competition you should send the following materials to the administrative committee of the festival: a completed application form, work/project/video uploaded to YouTube channel (file must contain: the name of the project and artist name/ensemble name, address and the name of the institution). Copy the link to the “video room” and add it to the application form and send by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applications will be accepted from 19 January to 16 March inclusive! Those wishing to take part in the competition should be familiar with the relevant documents for participation in the festival:
position of the festival

Qualified jury which consists of well-known figures of art, culture and sport, artists and performers, evaluates and selects applicants for participation in the Festival "Nazustrich mriyi" (Follow Your Dream). Then the festival administrative committee publishes the results on the official website: www.mriy.org and social networks "Nazustrich mriyi" (Facebook) and sends a formal invitation to the participants of the next Festival "Nazustrich mriyi" (Follow Your Dream).

Date and venue of the festival is announced one month in advance.
To participate, call: tel/fax: +38(044) 428-57-18;

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