About the Festival

The main purpose of the festival - is development of socially disadvantaged children as means of their rehabilitation and social adaptation, discovery of their talents and abilities through their creative communication, nurturing in them familiarity with and love to their native art and folklore as well as the culture of different countries.

The problem of orphans and children from disadvantaged families is grave in Ukraine as compared to western and other developed countries. Only up to 10 percent of children who leave orphanages as they graduate from state boarding schools get a profession, job or go on to receive higher education. Most become marginalized in society - become criminals, unemployed or homeless. NGOs have a big task to perform in trying to socialize such children as early as possible, identify their talents or interests and bring their dreams closer to reality.

Our mission - to provide an appropriate conditions for creative and harmonious development of socially unprotected children: building up an aesthetic and spiritual identity of the person through artistic and creative expression, providing opportunities for the realization of the growing generation’s potential throughout their education.

The festival is a charity for children from orphanages and state boarding institutions and is realized only through hard work of organizers and partners who support it.


Benefactors of the festival

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